EXACT solutions DMN08 Digital Doorman

Protect your premises and therefore all people inside with a DMN08 in the entrance area!

The system recognises whether someone is wearing a mask or not and measures the temperature of the person standing in front of the display - reliably and contactless. In case of high temperature and/or the absence of a mask, the Doorman is sending an audio warning signal and a displays corresponding visualisation. A warning light can optionally be switched on. In combination with the available hand sanitiser, people can disinfect their hands before entering. The DMN08 system can be connected to a locking system with the integrated relay. Multiple systems can be interconnected so that you can manage multiple entries centralised. In addition to health protection, another area of ​​application could be employee management. The DMN08 can recognise faces and can allow employees to enter, but not grant access to strangers. Coupled with the integrated NFC detection function, a double check could ensure even more security.

Key features:

  • Contactless measurement of temperature
  • Check whether a mask is worn
  • Integrated relay for connection to an external interface
  • Including software to manage multiple systems
  • Optional face detection and NFC function
  • Optional hand disinfectant dispenser available